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You Can Take Me Out Of The Hood - But You Can't Take The Hood Out Of Me
The Diary Of A Madman
Thats For My Niggas Doin' Years In Confinement...
And For My Soldiers That Passed Over No Longer Livin'
That Couldn't Run Whenever The Reaper Came To Get 'Em...

Whats good people -

Its been a minute, but I'm back up in this motherfucker.

Since I've been home a lot of shit has came into perspective for me, and I feel I have matured in many aspects when it comes to things of certain nature. I've also been fortunate enough to run into one of my niggas from way back in the day. He came through in the clutch, because I thought I was going to have to role dolo the entire time I was home -- and thankfully I wont. Love is love, and although shit may go down in the past -- Love is still love.

I watched "Saw" again today -- That is by far my favorite contemporary movie. If you haven't seen it, check it out. If you have, you know whats up with that shit.

I picked up some new mixtapes which I am thankful for - Music is one of the driving forces in my life, and its always new to get the latest shit from the streets.

As far as Christmas is going, its definately looking up - I'm enjoying my time with my family and my little nigga Corey more than I can describe in words. Hes growing up fast -- soon that little nigga will be running around the hood smacking hoes - but I'll have to learn him some first.

-My art has been going well - I've been working on a few sketches - keep lookin' out for the kid to be selling T-shirts out of the trunk in a hood near you.

Reppin' the 201
Holla Back

...And he still got Jerz On His Back

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Hey Little Soldier Is You Ready For War?
Just Don't Ask What Your Fightin' For

-One thing that thoroughly upsets me is when people take my kindness for a weakness - Especially when it comes down to taking care of business. Reguardless of what you believe about me, I take care of mine -- P.H.S. 'til the day I die. It seems that the people you roll with and respect always seem to find a way to flip the script and try to fuck you in some way or another -- and unfortunately, fuckin' with my money is like fuckin' with my emotions -- And payback is a bitch. That goes out to a certain someone - I'd say your name but I don't want to make you fuckin' famous.

-Heading back to Jersey for Thanksgiving - I'll be with my fam, get to see my mans and them, and best of all -- I get to see my Godson Corey (My sister's son) I've been moved out away from my fam for almost 4 years now, and I don't go a day without thinking of them in one way or another -- I try to not let it interfere with my life (especially when I get depressed, homesick, etc.) - sometimes it gets the best of me, and I am thankful to those closest to me that hold me down when I'm weak. The one person I'm talking about knows who they are - love is love.

-With all the turmoil going on throughout the world, I'm thankful for my position in life -- hopefully I'll end up making something of myself - shit is starting to develop and come into focus -- no longer simple 'hood dreams'. I brought myself out of the ghetto, and I made my own opportunities - so I'm going to make the best of it, no matter what happens.

-Much love to my peoples for standing behind me. Time has taken a few people away from me, and throughout the years my crew has thinned -- but the real niggas remain, and I'd prefer it that way. I'd rather have one or two brothers that really hold me down in the tight situations rather than having an entire squad of people that are just an audience when the shit goes down.

-Now that I got all that off my chest, I feel a little bit better - although I still need to send a message. You best believe I'm going to make these cats respect my gangsta.

The Most Wanted Man In America
I'll Soul Assassinate Your Character
Quickly Embarass Ya

"The One" - J2D
201 Stand Up

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Imagine Malcolm X Over A Beat
Rallyin' Soldiers In The Street

I'm From The Hood Stupid? What Kind Of Facts Are Those?

Whats hood people -

Things have been going fairly well - I got to kick it with my homeboy Darren from Chi-City. Love is love, that nigga is a brother from a different mother as far as I'm concerned - and fam is fam - one love.

I just recently got a copy of Grand Theft Auto : San Andreas, and it is off the hook. You OWE it to yourself to at least give it a try. Yes..YOU READING THIS RIGHT NOW!

-Just got some new ink done - about three or four days ago -- its healing well. The most important aspect of a tattoo is the aftercare, if you don't take care of your shit, it'll end up looking like something you got done at Riker's Island.

-I've been busy with Graphic Design, so I've been on campus a lot more often than I'd figure I would, but its all good - I get to hold down WNY and the East Coast, which is an honor in itself.

I'll keep it short and sweet-
Much love to all my peoples-
Reppin' the 201 until the day I stop breathin'
The Original Dondada - J2D

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Just Blaze

Whats good people -

Things have been rather productive this week. Yesterday I got to go to the Art Institute of Chicago on a field trip for Art History II. Some people may find this surprising, but I thoroughly enjoy museums and such - The respect I have for my predecessors is deep.

This friday at noon I'll be getting some work done on my left sleeve -- right in the crook of my left arm where it bends between forearm and bicep. It ought to be fun -- about three hours of getting physically tortured with many needles. What can I say, I'm a slave to the needle.

This is mildly important -- So PAY ATTENTION

I've been thinking of actually starting some ghetto-assed clothing line, using my drawings and art-work as the main focus (mainly just t-shirts, posters, & stickers) so if anyone is interested in collaborating with me -- (You know who you are) -- holla at me and we can go from there.

One Love


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Street Dreams Are Made Of These
A Drug Dealer's Destiny Is Reachin' A Key
Who Am I To Disagree? Everybodys Lookin' For Somethin'

Just got finished with my Art History exam. Things went well, I got one or two wrong - but thats about it. The best part is that the FIRST first question I didn't know the answer too, so that pisses me off mildly - besides that, everything was on point and I did as well as I can hope to have done. The more and more I study Art History, the more I find myself interested in it -- I could even see myself possibly teaching Art History at some point in my life. If it wasn't for my body Art Gallery, I might be able to do such a thing -- but unfortunately, society still frowns upon those that have a need to rock different colors of ink in their flesh instead of being like every other joe blow on the set.

As far as tattoos go, They are my most valued and loved possessions, and I have put more hours into it than I can even remember. Now that I mention it; I've got an appointment on the 22nd to get some more work done on my left sleeve -- which is dedicated to my own personal art work. I think the best way to define it is a basic cross between A Nightmare Before Christmas, and my hood - WNY 201. Very dark and urban - Which reflects my upbringing & general outlook in life. Some people can go through life ignoring the fact that for every shine of light their is an equal amount of shadow. I prefer to embrace it and illustrate the underbelly of the beast -- Which explains why most of my art is geared toward suicidal thoughts. I'm not the suicidal type (anymore), so don't worry -- I put down what I'm feelin' at the time -- and if you don't like it then fine.

Going back to Jersey for Christmas/New Years -- And it is definately going to be off the hook. I miss my hood more than I can portray in words. The most dangerous things about the hood is what I miss the most -- Things like police sirens & real niggas grinding on those corners out there. They exist, and I salute them -- Most people forget that the reason people may do things that aren't %100 legal, but on the other side of the coin, if you are in the situation of having to support someone, wrong or right -- stomach's get hungry, and a dollar is a dollar, whether its clean or not.

As far as music goes,I've been listening to most of the mixtapes I copped last time I was back in the hood -- and when I go back, I plan on on the re-up.

Life has been going fairly well for me, I tend to usually go through everyday not really giving a shit what happens -- but since I've been keeping in better touch with my family, and the support of my girl & her fam is much appreciated. I know things in her life aren't going as well as they could; The only thing that she can really rely on is that no matter what, I'm in her corner.

Man - What The Fuck Are You Lookin' For?
Can't A Young Nigga Make Money Anymore?
Blow A Couple Grand In The NBA Store
Rock Twentey-Four Thousand On The NBA Floor

Just Another Day Chillin' In The Hood
Just Another Day Around The Way
I'm Tipsy Off The Hennessey
We Ridin' Round With The H-K
Nigga - We Don't Play

Until Next Time
Keepin' The Yankee Fitted Low
Reppin' The 201

PS - Shout Out to my nigga South Side - You know how we Ride -- I'm working on a new drawing that involves both of us, I'll show it to you when I have the opportunity.

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Blood Of A Slave... Heart Of A King

Whats good, people?

School has been going fairly well - I just got a test back I took a while ago in Graphic Design, and I got 5/5 - which is all good. I've been learning how to represent on Photoshop & Pagemaker; I'm even beginning to surprise myself with the quality of the program. I just recently finished the cover of my Graphic Design binder -- and I think it looks pretty hot.

As far as things jumpin' off on Campus -- Things are same old same old. I can't wait to re-locate to Chi-City and hold it down. A city is a city, and this silverback gorilla needs a concrete jungle -- I'm the strongest around, you know how I get down.

I have a homeboy on campus - Me and him have a mutual understanding when it comes to certain aspects of life; which is all good. I tend to not really fit in on campus; But the people I've known for a while show love, and I show love back. Some other people I feel like chipping up everytime I see them; but thats life - besides, I'm not interested in spending time in good old Rensselaer's jail.

I've been drawing a lot lately - I've got an idea for a couple of paintings, as well as material for something that is so underground its not even on the radar. Y'all see whats up eventually -- but until then, keep it gangsta and keep your money right.

-Shout outs to my dogs - You know who you are. Especially you out there in Brook-Nam right now -- Keep ya head up. You got a son that looks up to you and needs you - Handle your business.

-Some people need to realize what they are doing. I know it may seem like a kick in the ass, believe me -- but once you open your eyes it makes things that much easier.

If This Pussy Nigga Can't Get It Live -
Get Him The Fuck Out And Let Joe Take The Job -


Current Music: Get It Live - Redman

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Back By Popular Demand From The Hood
The Champ Is Here

I want all three belts too - I don't want no crown, I want all the belts. I'm the champ, not the king --  I'm the king, but I'm the champ. I got all three belts - Undisputed.

Whats good people - I know its been a minute; but classes have been rather involving. Graphic Design is a little iffy - I know I'm going to be educated in decent Graphic Design programs (Such as Adobe Photoshop 7.0 & Pagemaker), but the class is on Mondays from 6 pm to 9 pm - no refreshments allowed in the Computer Lab - so you can imagine that. The only major drawback is having limited access to the *ONE* CPU Lab here on campus that has the programs we use - A mild hassle; but it could be worse I get.

As far as being back on campus - I've been keeping it gangster, reppin' it Jersey style for all my peoples in the 201. I thoroughly enjoy sticking out like a sore thumb out here. I've come to the realization that their is a shortage of "real niggas" out here on campus - and the recognition I recieve is much deserved. Strictly P.H.S. (Professional Hood Shit)

After this year Meghan and I plan on moving to Chi-City, which should be decent - considering my brother from the South Side won't be too far away (I apologize for certain people that set the white race back about ten years - Certain people enjoy going through life with a blindfold - fortunately enough I had to deal with "backwards" racism, living in a dominant black/hispanic area - So I know how ignorant people can be.) I've been to the Windy City a couple times - Besides the brick weather during the winter, I think I can handle. At this point any city element will be good for the kid. Just listening to car alarms and honking and the smell of smog is definately something I'm looking forward too - Hood niggas know what I'm talking about.

As far as everything else goes - I've been addicted to Fable on the X-Box - If you haven't played it yet, cop it and try it out -- you won't be disappointed. I've already beaten it once, but its one of those joints that give you multiple choices & different endings - replayability.

I recently copped Def Jam Vandetta II - and it is off the hook. If you are a hip-hop cat, get a hold of it - It reminds me a lot of Fight Club with a mix of the hottest MCs in the game. A few major names are missing (Frank White, Pac, Nas, Jay-Z) but most cats are in there (Slick Rick, Ice T, Flavor Flav, etc.) Over 40 MCs in total - It is definately one of my top five right now -- Until GTA San Andreas drops in Oct.

Music wise I can't stop listening to "The Champ Is Here"/ Jadakiss mixtape. Comparing it too the "Kiss Of Death" (His mass syndicated album) I prefer the mixtape more. I prefer freestyles without the over use P-diddied style of Pop-Hip-Hop with pointless hooks and so on. In the famous words of J to the Muah -- One of the top five dead or alive.

I know its been a hot minute since I've made my presence felt -- but I'll try to represent as much as possible. To all my peoples - I haven't forgotten about you, you are always in my thoughts. Stay up.

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School has been going fairly well - I've felt a bit more comfortable on campus, making friends doesn't seem to be that big of a deal anymore. I'll say whats up to people I don't even know most of the time, and they usually remember you - especially when you look like a wolf in sheeps clothing out there.

I recently applied for a position at the Campus Library - I dressed nice (wore long sleeves so I could cover up my sleeves), and pretty much gave it to the lady straight. I think she was impressed with my responses and ability to handle situations; as well as my prior job experiences. Keep your fingers crossed, I need to work somewhere so hopefully this can come through. I'm slow to adapt to being back in the Mid-West -- I still get my bouts of homesickness, but thats normal. The only times I feel truly horrible are the times when I don't keep in contact with my family; as a matter of fact - recently I've been having recurring nightmares about the subject -- I talked to my family last night for a few; and I slept fine last night. Go figure. As far as the art thing goes -- It is going better than I had figured it would.

I've been having new ideas and I've been sketching everyday - I've been tapping my source of influence from a few of my favorite directors - and how they do their thing (Quentin Tarantino, George A. Romero, Lucio Fulci, etc.) and I've applied it to my drawings. Lately instead of just drawing one central scene; I've been trying to tell more of a narrative story without the use of words; just the character's portrayl of emotion. I just recently finished something new -- Death is Certain

As far as music goes - I've been listening to the Mixtapes I got a hold of while I was in WNY. I know a couple places online where to get the newest shit; but I've just been too lazy - something else to put on my "to do" list. I'd have to say the one artist that I've been listening to more than most is J-Hood (D-Block) - If you haven't heard the mixtape "Hood Stripes", get a hold of it some how some way. Y.O. In the house. I just want to say whats up to my people - you know who you are. Keep your head up and keep it gutter.

Signin' Off

Reppin the 201


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If You Havin' Girl Problems I Feel Bad For You, Son -
I Got 99 Problems But A Bitch Ain't One

Whats new? School is going pretty well I'd like to imagine; I might possibly have a job at the Library on campus - but I'm not the type to hold my breath. If not, I'll find a job somewhere else. Art History is going fairly well - I volunteered to do the first presentation; and got it overwith today. It was on humanism in the Renaissance if anyone was curious.

I'm back to listening to my music again - thankfully I didn't have to bust some ass in Best Buy- I was ready, believe me. And the guy just let me grab a new one and exchange it, much to my advantage having grabbed a "Plus" version which has some new features and so on.

As far as music goes; I'd have to say I'm feeling the Young Buck Straight Outta Ca$hville right now. I don't have the actual official album; but I got my mixtape style from my source.

I'm waiting for that new GTA: San Andreas joint to drop - October 19th, ladies. I've played the demo in Journal Square - and all I have to do is say : Is if you don't know you better ask somebody - and it is going to be a banger.

I recently got a hold of my boy on campus - singular. To put it bluntly; I don't fit into the puzzle that well on campus; but I am thankful for the friends I *DO* have, including SJC faculty. Its a beautiful thing when people actually give you a chance before judging you -- Too bad it doesn't go on often.

I've been drawing lately - Its something I've been mildly concerned about; but for some reason I can't give it a break until I get it done. I'm actually working on it right now. I'll eventually post it and let you see it.

End Transmission
Signin' Off
Reppin' the 201
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Brief apology for not keeping up with my journal - I've been busy with things, making moves - etc.

How have things been going lately? Fairly well - school starts this monday, and I am looking forward to registering for class. Hopefully I get to take Graphic Design, if not I'll take painting 1- and Art History 2.

I've been adjusting to being back here in Indiana - I would like to personally apologize to those close to me; I'm doing the best I can to adapt, but sometimes I am overwhelmed with things. I try to handle them to the best of my ability; but sometimes even I slip up.

Artistically things have been dull - hopefully that changes in the near future. I have three new drawings I've started and never finished -- I will eventually get to them.

September 4th is coming up quick, kids. What happened on September 4th? I was born. September 4th 1981. Which means I'll be turning 23 years old. When I think about it, its pretty frightening - but on the other side of the coin, I don't really know many people that have lived to this age and be doing a half-way decent job with their life.

I look at a lot of people I know and I am surprised with the way they deal with life. Some people think the world owes them something; and in reality - nobody owes you shit. In this world you have two kinds of peoples - doers and sayers, and fortunately enough - I'm a doer.

I had a great time with Chris and Carly coming up this weekend - I am fortunate to have friends like them, I feel like I've known them forever, and that shows a lot.

Shout outs to my nigga Darren from Chi-City - He is holding it down and working hard. It is no easy task going from hood shit to the working class; but you need to do what you got to do and soldier on.

Signing Off -

One Love
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